Tuesday, November 26, 2013

English in Sweden

Most of the people in Sweden speak English.  However, students don't begin learning English until they are in Year 3, or 3rd grade.  My classroom consists of students in Year 4.  Since the only began learning English last year, they still have a lot of learning to do.  Everything I say has to be translated by the teacher.  Last week on Friday, I taught my students a little how about a normal day goes for the 4th graders I had at my last student teaching placement.  They were very intrigued and interested to find out about some American 4th graders.  They couldn't believe that my American 4th graders only get one recess a day!  Yesterday and today, I decided to take the lesson a little further.  My Swedish students are working on writing letters to my American students to tell them a little about them in Sweden.  They've had fun with it, but it's also hard work for them.  They learn how to write English last.  They learn to hear it firstly and then to speak it.  However, I've been helping them figure out things, as well as the teacher.  I think the letters are going to turn out great, and I'm excited to be able to read them when they are finished.  I'm even more excited to share them with my American students when I get back home, and I hope they can write my Swedish students back.

This is a picture of my students in the classroom.  The students don't wear shoes in the classroom!

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