Friday, November 15, 2013

It's Friday!

I just got back from my school, and I am so happy it's Friday. We've been here almost a week, which means there's now almost 3 weeks until we get back home. It's been an interesting week at school. It's crazy to see the similarities and differences in Swedish and American schools. 99.9% of the day is in Swedish, which leaves me mostly clueless. Today I taught a lesson about Scottsville to show them where I am from. I showed them the different schools and some of the celebrations Scottsville has, such as the Invasion of the Scarecrows. I also showed them pictures of farms and other important things to the area. I was very excited to show them pictures of Cody and Aubrey. Like all kids, the students were very curious and excited. I love being able to show them what's important to me. I miss them so much! A high school here is called a gymnasium, which I found interesting. Today the students only went to school from 9:00 AM to 1:10 PM. The school hours vary each day, and they get an hour for lunch and another recess. They call them breaks, and they get at least 2 each day. It still amazes me that the students do not wear shoes in the classroom! I'll try to take a picture of my students next week and post on here. I don't always have access to the Internet, so I'll make new posts as often as I can.

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