Sunday, November 24, 2013

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

On Friday, I gave a lesson on typical American 4th graders because I have 4th grade Swedish students.  I added my lesson on my 4th graders from my last placement, and the Swedish students were very interested.  The students were very dismayed when they learned that my American 4th graders only get one recess a day.  The Swedish students get at least four breaks a day!  I showed my Swedish students pictures of school buses, lunch trays, desks, and classrooms to help them see how classrooms back home look like.  There are several differences, but there are also similarities.  It's good for the students to see this.  I also discussed what the schedule is like for my 4th graders back home, which is longer than their typical day in Sweden.  My last cooperating teacher asked my 4th graders about their favorite parts of the day, and I relayed this information to my Swedish students.  On Monday, we're going to try and write letters to the 4th graders back home in Kentucky.  My Swedish students don't speak much English, and they also don't write very much English.  I'm excited and hope it goes well.  Then hopefully my 4th graders will be able to write back to my Swedish students.

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