Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tornhagsskolan - My Swedish School

I took a few pictures of my school today.  I need to take some more, but hopefully we'll have a sunny day soon.  Tornhagsskolan is the name of my school, and it goes from Year 1 to Year 9.  In Sweden, students (they call them pupils) start school at the age of 7, and this is called Year 1.  Students can go to preschool at the age of 6, but it's not obligatory.  They learn how to write beginning with the letter s.  Tornhagsskolan is separated into various buildings.  The 4th grade building is called Mellangarden.  There are several other buildings, including the main building where the students go to eat (at the canteen), the library, and the teachers' staffroom, to name a few.  It gets very cold going back and forth, especially today! My teacher said it should snow by next week.  Today's the coldest day we've had since we've arrived. One more day down!

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